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Choosing The Right Web Design Services

February 19, 2010

Web Designer

Today, the Internet has become a great way to advertise and market your business; but if you do not take up this opportunity then you have no one else to blame for it but yourself. There are many web design companies or individuals that can offer you the best when it comes to website design so all you have to do is check the kind of work they have done for their past clients, see if they have seen results are satisfied with their services and whether it would prove beneficial to you.

Normally the first thing one should do whilst looking for a good website design company is to take a look at their work portfolio and see if their list of clients is happy with their work. If a web design company has managed to affiliate itself to some of the big names who would give them additional credibility, then they must be doing a good job already.

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Most Sexiest Female Games and Comics Characters

February 14, 2010

Sexy Female Game Characters

This is goes to all gamers worldwide XD. Who’s your top rated sexy female game characters? I’ve made some unordered lists of the most sexiest female characters taken from various game I’ve played. If you don’t find any of your favourites, at least enjoy the artworks and pics I found over the internet. Forget Barb Wire okay, she’s not on my lists 😛

So, who’s your hottest one? Almost forgot, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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Webmaster’s Pillars

February 13, 2010

Web Master, courtesy of BONG

Are you a webmaster? Ever confused on ‘what to do’ at the first time doing it? Or maybe some of you guys always had no idea on ‘what to do’ when you’re getting a web project offer from a client. Well, the first thing is, of course, a good COMMUNICATION skills. This is important to make sure that the client will use your web design service. You will never know when there’s already some other competitors and the client will always use the best service. Forget about how much money you will get from the client, if the client is having a good time talking with you then money isn’t really a problem. Next thing is all about CONCEPTS, you must know what the client wants, this is where all the hard work starts. Offer the client a demo website to show what you can do is a PLUS. Speaking about web concepts and basic pillars, here I would like to share some tips about it and some related stuff. Enjoy 🙂

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WARNING : Facebook Money Scam

February 9, 2010

Money Scam

Recently my Facebook account was hacked by a money scammer. Somehow the scammer got my login details and he/she was using my account to chat with friends and telling them that I got an accident in London (or any other cities) and then this scammer asked for a certain amount of money transfer to help me in hospital.
I’ve noticed this and reported to Facebook staff after a friend called me to confirm where I am, then my account was disabled for further investigations. It tooks up to one week to get my account back.

Some other people also had this issue since January 2010.
Installing internet security on your PC is highly recommended, consult to your friends about good internet security or post here at SiteFrost forum if you don’t know any.

Try to get Microsoft Security Essentials (free) or Kaspersky Internet Security to get rid any spywares on your PC.

If you found your Facebook account or your friend’s account having the same issue, visit this link :!/help/?page=420

Indonesia, Orbit View

January 8, 2010

Few days ago I take a visit to Earth Sector and accidentally saw my country Indonesia while trying to dock at Terran’s Trading Station. It was like ‘wow.. it’s a real earth texture on the planet“. The XTM developer did a great job. So I take a look closer and capture the screenshot 🙂

DigitalVei’s Swan Fountain, Week 241 Contest Winner

January 3, 2010

Last December one of my artwork <Swan Fountain> just voted as the winner of Photoshop Contest group Week 241. Here it is :

Swan Fountain - Week 241 Contest Winner

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X3 Reunion – 3D Model Viewer

December 28, 2009

I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi games, especially like this one, X3 Reunion and the latest X3 Terran Conflict. Been playing it since the first X series launched and I’m loving it. Recently I play X3R again, playing it from scratch since I just installed XTended Mod (XTM), so.. say goodbye to my awesome HQ, dozens of M1, destroyers, factory complexes, and more than 1 billion credits T__T

Allright time to move on, here’s a useful tool for X3 fans, 3D ships & stations model viewer. I’ve tested on XTended Mod, and it’s working perfect.

Download links are also available.

3D Models and Stats Viewer : Version

Model Viewer for viewing Ships / Stations etc, showing guns, stats & stuff.

X3 Terran Conflict
X3 Reunion

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