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The Misperceptions ..

December 25, 2009


Some people said that dark art is an evil creation through various objects such as paintings, digital art, even photography and photomanipulation. Then the mis-perception goes to the subject of dark art creators, often judged as a bad influence to their neighbourhood or even worse, a satanic cultist o.O …gimme a break… Some people also believe that a dark art (artwork) can bring bad lucks and/or misfortunes to those who made the object, and to those who keep the object… lol..allright..what a joke.. C’mon, we’re also normal people just like the others, like to watch movies, go to grocery store, playing games,  and do stuff like other people does Razz


For me, dark art is one of my favourite style. Most of my artworks are in dark art category, and most of my friends that does digital arts or traditional arts are also making dark artworks. Also there’s one of my friend is a mother of 3 kids, she’s a digital artist who love to make paintings in dark art genre. Some of them are can make a living from selling their stuff to art collectors even if the collector doesn’t really know what dark art is.
Not that I can’t do any other styles, it’s just that I put my interest in dark art since long time ago, and I can say that it’s already in my blood. I also like other art styles like naturalist, pop arts, even cute graphics like cartoons, etc. But I’m not into that styles on most of my stuff and artworks 😛

Here’s one sample of my non dark art image :


Now, according to Wikipedia, Dark Art is : Primarily a product of the 20th Century, dark art is an art style defined as that being “dark” or unsettling in nature. Called and classified under many names such as gothic, horror, metaphysical, nightmarish, and disturbing, it is actually a culmination of techniques and styles. It has been presented in many forms by many artists, illustrators and film-makers. It continues to grow in popularity as a part of the horror genre and gothic, music and publishing culture. Today, it is a part of our mainstream  culture, crossing over into multiple mediums including advertising, television, film, and marketing. While it has roots in horror, it has been presented in collage, surrealism, abstract, motion graphics, grunge, expressionism, and largely digital art.

Maybe bacause of some description like this, some people always think how bad the subject is rather than how good the subject is. What can I say.. live with it, it’s already part of our mainstream culture, right ??

Finally, to those people who think dark art is something evil, bad influence, etc, please try to look anything not just on how it look like. And don’t judge a people by what he does.

So, just enjoy the artworks and the other stuff here 🙂

Now all I need to do is do more writing to this blog -___-

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