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X3 Reunion – 3D Model Viewer

December 28, 2009

I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi games, especially like this one, X3 Reunion and the latest X3 Terran Conflict. Been playing it since the first X series launched and I’m loving it. Recently I play X3R again, playing it from scratch since I just installed XTended Mod (XTM), so.. say goodbye to my awesome HQ, dozens of M1, destroyers, factory complexes, and more than 1 billion credits T__T

Allright time to move on, here’s a useful tool for X3 fans, 3D ships & stations model viewer. I’ve tested on XTended Mod, and it’s working perfect.

Download links are also available.

3D Models and Stats Viewer : Version

Model Viewer for viewing Ships / Stations etc, showing guns, stats & stuff.

X3 Terran Conflict
X3 Reunion

Download :
(7 megabytes)

If you want to just read the documentation (you get this with the installer above anyway) :
(4 megabytes)

Current version

If you are upgrading, probably best to uninstall the old version first,
but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t.

Change log :
v : added menu option for turning off transparency
v : fixed for XTM 0.7.5 + fixed some turret probs (Venti & Cutlass)
v : ‘Invalid Argument’ message fixed + crash log dmp file + various bits & pieces (UI things + can’t remember whatelse)
v : Much faster game file load + fixed reading of ‘old-style’ file-compression problem for X3:TC mods.
v : Initial release.

General feedback ideas / issues in this thread please Smile

Please post modding ideas / issues in the threads :
X3:Reunion S&M
X3:Terran Conflict S&M

Superceded versions of this viewer were contained in the thread :
which is now locked.

If you get a crash, you should get a message box saying something like:
‘Encountered serious problem, dmp crash log saved to ”

The path would have been e.g. Program Files\XModels3DViewer\CrashLogs (or wherever you installed the viewer to)

If I can get hold of the .dmp file (about a meg in size, maybe as much as 5 meg)
it would help me to diagnose the problem.

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