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The Misperceptions ..

December 25, 2009


Some people said that dark art is an evil creation through various objects such as paintings, digital art, even photography and photomanipulation. Then the mis-perception goes to the subject of dark art creators, often judged as a bad influence to their neighbourhood or even worse, a satanic cultist o.O …gimme a break… Some people also believe that a dark art (artwork) can bring bad lucks and/or misfortunes to those who made the object, and to those who keep the object… lol..allright..what a joke.. C’mon, we’re also normal people just like the others, like to watch movies, go to grocery store, playing games,  and do stuff like other people does Razz

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Follow Me

December 17, 2009

Currently watching PAIN’s “Follow Me”. The most unique duet : Anette Olzon (NIGHTWISH) joins Peter Tagtgren`s PAIN on the videoclip for “Follow me” taken from the album Cynic Paradise!

Lead single “Follow Me” and “Feed Us” feature guest vocals from none other than Nightwish siren Anette Olzon, whose melodic pop-rock voice gives the choruses of the respective tracks another boost. And some of the drum and bass tracks were laid down by session members of the live unit (the rest of the recording is all done by Peter himself), which doesn’t really change the songwriting, but gives them a different flavour playing-wise.

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Reasons For Choosing SiteFrost

December 15, 2009

Two of my websites are hosted at SiteFrost, and yes it’s free. And I’m so happy not just because it’s free, the staff supports are very helpful and professional. Also Sitefrost have a great community, even there’s international forum discussion for countries like Europe and Asia regions. For all of you guys that looking for a free website hosting, give it a try and I bet you’ll enjoy their services 😀

Here’s why ….

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Recent Activities

December 13, 2009

I’m not a really good blog writer. Almost nothing to write on this blog and another one (same contents mostly :P) in the last few months. But I’ve manage to do some more modification on the site, added new resources and some tutorials taken from my favourite websites. The main site also back to dark theme, there’s still much to do to optimize the site’s content and system.

Also recently I’ve manage to build an Indonesian Art Portal website with some friends that just do it’s soft launch on last November.

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About Megan Fox, Fact or False ??

July 9, 2009

For all those Transformers fans and for those who recently watched the second sequel “Revenge Of The Fallen“, must know this hot chick Megan Fox played as Mikaela Banes.

*Artwork courtessy of Wakdor.

Yup she’s hot but there’s some rumor on almost everywhere about new fact found after a short red carpet interview on Golden Globes ceremony. Sorry to disapoint you guys, but Megan Fox was a HE or a tranny (transexual / transgender).

Born as Mitchell Reed Fox in Rockwood, Tennessee. From an early age, Mitchell showed an interest in both performing and women’s clothing. When having a preacher lay hands on him did not ‘cure’ him of these interests, his parents simply put him on the pageant circuit.

I bet this fact will get rid of your dirty fantasies.. LOL. You can read the full story here. And I guess the ne sequel will be TRANSGENDER 😀